Musician, Innovator, Educator

A passionate ambassador of classical music, violinist Monique Mead has established an international presence as a musician, educator, and innovator. Her audience-centered programs draw thousands of new concertgoers annually and create relevance for classical music in the 21st century.

Violinist and Presenter
Inspired and mentored by Leonard Bernstein, violinist Monique Mead has devoted her performing career to nurturing new audiences and deepening the musical experience for seasoned concertgoers. Her programs with major orchestras and festivals in the United States and Europe have drawn international acclaim for their popular appeal and innovative approach.
Carnegie Mellon School of Music
As Director of Music Entrepreneurship and Assistant Teaching Professor, Monique Mead has developed a curriculum based on experiential learning that fosters student initiatives throughout Pittsburgh's diverse community and provides project-based internships with major arts organizations. She collaborates with dedicated administrators and faculty to offer insight to professional life and help students take an innovative approach in crafting unique musical paths.
CMU Center for Arts Innovation
Monique Mead is the founder and Director of the Center for Arts Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University. Its mission is to explore challenges facing modern non-profit arts organizations, develop strategies to enhance existing programs and create new revenue streams, and train the next generation of musicians to become better and more effective artists, educators and entrepreneurs.
Meet the Maestro
A highly successful audience development project based on the Mead Model: At the request of Pittsburgh Symphony's Music Director, Manfred Honeck, Monique created and spearheaded the Meet the Maestro program from 2010-2015, connecting Pittsburgh families with music, musicians, and maestros. Personal access to Manfred Honeck and other top-tier conductors and soloists was the appeal of this program. Participating schools received a family-friendly concert experience and a package of dynamic workshops and assemblies presented by Pittsburgh Symphony musicians as well as Teaching Artists from Carnegie Mellon School of Music.
Chamber Music Pittsburgh
Serving as Board Chair, Monique Mead is dedicated to supporting the growth of this historic organization as it forges new paths. Executive Director, Kristen Linfante has broadened the definition and scope of chamber music so that a more diverse audience can experience the thrill of great music in an intimate setting.
Klassik for Kids
Recognized for her innovative approach in presenting youth and family concerts since 1997, Monique Mead pioneered the idea of integrative educational concerts in Germany, performing with major symphony orchestras throughout the country and developing long-term educational and audience-building programs in Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Gelsenkirchen, among others. While she continues to perform in Germany, she has adapted many programs for American orchestras and offers seminars to train other musicians in this dynamic approach.